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World Geography Gets a Twist (Giveaway ended 9/8/2010)

Thursday, August/08/2010

South up projection world map

(Click here for a larger view)

Several months ago I mentioned a world map that features a thought-provoking and truly interesting projection.  South is at the top.

Every time I look at this particular projection I become more impressed with its ability to challenge my thinking and to arouse curiosity about my neighbors on planet Earth.

Now for something special:

I have been able to secure 12 of these full-size (24″ x 36″) maps from the terrific folks at ODT Maps and will give them away free to the first 12 teachers who send me an e-mail with their name and a mailing address that I can ship to. (Use the “Contact” button above or the comment form below to send the information.  I’ll hide your name from public view like the others below.)

All I ask in return is that some day you’ll send me a follow-up email to let me know if your class enjoyed the map and any other comments you may have about this thought-provoking resource.

That’s it.  I feel strongly that resources like this are under-used and that teachable moments are lost in their absence.  If you’re one of those teachers who constantly pushes for higher achievement, then be sure to step up and let me know that you want your classroom to be one of the beneficiaries of this one-time, free offer.

Update: The last map has finally been given away.  Thanks to everyone who responded.

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A Great Way Study World Geography

Monday, March/03/2009 offers a free, interactive web application that does a great job of teaching the locations of countries in and around the Middle East.

Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan are mentioned often in the news but few Americans have any idea where any of these places are.

Thirty five countries from this important region of the world are presented in a word pool and the objective is to drag and drop them into the correct positions on a map.  Countries “stick” when they’re in the right spot and you can use trial and error to figure out countries that you’re unsure of.

This ability (trial and error) is where the power lies; I thought I was pretty well versed in geography but soon discovered that I had a lot to learn.

If you’re teaching anything related to this region or just want to become more educated yourself, then go check this out.

Take me to to learn about other countries

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