Bill of Rights

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    "Bill of Rights" key vocabulary

What's the Bill of Rights and what does it say?
Why memorize the Bill of Rights today?
The first 10 Amendments are just good to know
Freedoms that we have is exactly what they show

You can get together with whoever you want to
And talk about whatever you'd like
You can say it in a church or you can say it outside
Or maybe just think about it for life
The First Amendment says that you can think or say whatever's on your mind

There used to be a time before we had the police
And if you had a problem, you had to make your own peace
Owning a gun is what brought independence
That's why we've always fought so hard to defend this
The Second Amendment guarantees your right to own a gun, but not your right to pick a fight

An army is a necessary thing we are told
But where soldiers stay should never be in our homes
An intolerable act was how it was first described
The Third Amendment sums it up in just a few lines:
No one can make you bring war into your home

The things that you own and the places you keep them
Are nobody's business and no one can seize them
Not even a policemen can stop for no reason
Unless they're sure you've been out hurting innocent people
The Fourth Amendment says that no one has to put up with illegal search or seizure

If you're ever accused of committing a crime
And prove that you're innocent the very first time
You can't be brought back for trial after trial
after trial after trial after trial
The Fifth Amendment says you can't be tried for the same crime twice

If you ever get accused, you have the right to defend
And you shouldn't have to wait until eternity's end
To go to court, plead your case and put it to rest
The Sixth Amendment guarantees your right to this:
You have the right to a speedy trial and one that's fair

A jury of your peers is who decides your fate
If the laws of the land, you desecrate
King George's Stamp Act is why this right was put in
He'd put you in jail and for a trial you'd wait
The Seventh Amendment says you have a right to a trial by jury

Colonists remembered being punished too hard
By the King and the army under his charge
They stated that a punishment should truly fit the crime
And cruelty won't be tolerated any of the time
The Eighth Amendment calls for reasonable fines and humane punishment

The basic rights of people are things that exist
Even if the constitution makes no mention of it
Every person has value at the end of the day
That's really all the Ninth Amendment's trying to say


The Tenth Amendment's the one that gives the states rights
When the Federal government should stay out of the fight
It's sometimes in question and up for debate
But it balances power in these United States

So why memorize the Bill of Rights today?
Because they're important, they're the American way!
American way
American way
American way...

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