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R.I.P. American Education died Feb. 7, 2017

     Posted on Tuesday, February /07/2017

The confirmation of Betsy Devos today by Senate Republicans marks the end of quality education in the United States. By any measure this woman is unqualified to even enter a public school, let alone run all of them.

Seriously, putting a goat in charge would have been a better idea since the goat could possibly double as a school mascot.

Apparently the only thing that matters in education going forward is your ability to buy a majority of congress-weasels.

Shameful…The Death of Public Education

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What Teachers Really Want for the Holidays

     Posted on Friday, December /18/2015

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What Politics Has Done to Education

     Posted on Thursday, February /19/2015

This poem concisely sums up the current state of education across the nation. These two highly intelligent, observant and insightful poets correctly point out how the system has been perverted to the point of uselessness all in the name of corporate profits, privatization and propaganda.

Let’s hope that they go on to replace the profit-only seeking idiots that are currently dismantling public education for a quick buck.

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Standardized Testing: Be the Widget!

     Posted on Tuesday, February /10/2015
Standardized Testing Fail

Cartoon by Clay Bennett


Yes, it’s still true; standardized, one-size-fits-all testing is a failure and never will meet the needs of a diverse student population. How long are we supposed to support this money-for-big-data ponzi scheme?

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High Quality Common Core Resources for Free!

     Posted on Tuesday, December /09/2014


English Worksheets Land

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find, let alone recommend any high quality teaching resources.

I’m happy to share English Worksheets Land, a website that offers 1000s of Kindergarten – Fifth Grade printable worksheets directly aligned to the English Language Arts Common Core Standards.

Worksheets are easily sort-able by grade level and topic and are labelled with which common core standard the worksheets align. They’re also nicely done with relevant artwork to increase the curb appeal.

Take a trip over to English Worksheets Land to see what they’ve got to offer before you make your next K-5 Language Arts plans. You’ll like what you find there.

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