Cities, States, Countries & Continents

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Announcer: "When discussing cities, states, countries and continents, one must remember that many countries do not use the word 'state.' Instead, they say province, commonwealth, federal state or district. We thought you should know."

Cities, States, Countries and Continents
Do you know the difference?
Cities, States, Countries and Continents
I need an explanation that makes sense

A city is a place full of neighborhoods
With lots of people sharing similar goods
Like roads and parks and zoos and more;
It's the place with people right next door.

A city is formed when lots of people like you
Live close to people like me!
A city is the place that you can see
When you're walking home from school with me.

If you've had a chance to travel, you'll know
That there are many other cities right down the road.
If you rounded them up and put them in the same place,
The group is called a state.

A state is a large collection of cities
Just like the one you're from.
A state is the place where cities live.
It's the place a city calls its home.

If you're really adventurous, you could visit each state.
It will take you some time since the distance is great.
As you visit them all, I think that you'll agree;
Together they'd make a country.

A country is formed when a group of states
Band together as mates.
A country is a place where states all live.
It's big enough; it has the space.

There are one hundred ninety countries, or more
And they each have another country next door.
If you stick them together with some kind of cement,
The group would make a continent.

A continent is the biggest place that
You or me can ever be from.
A continent's the biggest piece of land.
It's the place that countries call home.

Cities, States, Countries and Continents
What city do you call home?

Cities, States, Countries and Continents
In what state were you born?

Cities, States, Countries and Continents
What country does your family come from?

Cities, States, Countries and Continents

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