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Robot: What has no color, weight or smell, and is all around us?
Electricity, electricity

Iron, steel or nickel, it's made with one of these
Makes the dial of a compass point North with ease
It has two poles: positive and negative
The Earth is one too and they're everywhere we live
Teacher: It's a MAGNET. You can find one in a speaker.

Electrons and ions attract and repel
Positively shocking; the negative's a yell (yow!)
Chemicals can do the same in a battery
The world is a better place with this discovery
Teacher: It's an ELECTRIC CHARGE!

The electric company uses this machine
Powered by coal or other source of energy
Moving wires and magnets in a big way
Supply electric current every single day
Teacher: It's a GENERATOR!

Robot: Let's review

The natural force of a magnet is free,
But how does this metal make electricity?
Wrap wires around it move it with a machine,
This can generate electricity!

Did you know that your brain and muscles need a very small amount of electricity to work?
Robot: I need electricity too!
But be careful with the large amounts of electricity around your house

Robot: It will cook your goose!

He flew a kite with a metal key in 1752
He was interested in what lightning could do
Inventor of the lightning rod, a safety device
Protecting people from electric shock was very nice
Teacher: Thank goodness for BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.

A famous inventor that made a better light
A bulb with carbon filament that burned nice and bright
He designed a power system first used in New York City
Electric wires into homes, a brand new industry
Teacher: He also invented the phonograph... it's THOMAS EDISON.

It starts to flow when you switch on a light
If the circuit's path is closed and wired up right
It passes through conductors like metal or water
But not through plastic or another insulator
Teacher: That's an ELECTRIC CURRENT... I don't want that in my body.

Robot: Let's review again

Electricity - Ben Franklin and a kite
Electricity - Thomas Edison and a light
Electricity - you need to treat it right
Electricity - a shock with a killer bite

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