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    Habitats" Memory Tester

(Hint: You can see the answers by holding your mouse over the blanks)

Where would you live if you were a cat?
Would it be in a cave, would you live like a bat?
I'm pretty sure most cats would have none of that.
That's not the right habitat for a cat.

A habitat's the natural neighborhood where plants and animals get water and food. And a cat would find some of these places no good. We will describe places where you can put your cat. Can you guess the habitat?

In this habitat it gets hot in the day
So dawn or at dusk is when creatures can play
The animals that live here never see much rain
Some get water from cactus, which can be quite a pain
What kind of habitat is that?
That's what it's like in the ___________________

Thick fur and feathers or layers of fat
Are needed in this long, winter habitat.
Short, compact animals are the kind that are found
And the few plants that grow stay close to the ground.
What kind of habitat is that?
It's cold and harsh in the ___________________

This habitat stretches into the sky
And there's not much oxygen when you get up high.
The climate can be different on the opposite side
And the top can be snowy while the base is dry.
What kind of habitat is that?
Is it the right habitat for a cat?
Only if she likes the ___________________

Medicines, rubber, chocolate and more
Come from this warm, wet climate with species galore.
Emergent, canopy, understory and floor
Are layers that make up this habitat's core.
What kind of habitat is that?
It sounds like the _________________ ___________________

This habitat goes through the change of 4 seasons
So adaptable animals live in this region.
Logging and housing are the primary reasons
It is being chopped down; re-growth can take eons.
What kind of habitat is that?
This is the ___________________ ___________________

The next habitat has a surface and floor,
A dark, deep middle where the light is no more.
Food always trickles down from top to below
It's the biggest and wettest that you'll ever know.
What kind of habitat is that?
No cat wants to live in the ___________________

It rains pretty hard in this place twice a year.
With few trees around, plants grow fast in the clear.
It attracts grazing animals that walk on all fours.
There's plenty to eat for these large herbivores.
What kind of habitat is that?
Is it the right habitat for a cat?
Only if she likes the ___________________

So where would you like to put your cat?
What is the right kind of habitat?
What habitat is a lap?
That's mostly where I find my cat!

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