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    "Landforms" Key Vocabulary

When you look at surface of Earth you'll agree
That landforms are interesting features to see
Almost all involve water to some degree
Or from geological activity.

See if you can figure out these landform riddles:

What kind of landform has a vent at the top,
Spews lava and steam and pieces of rock?

What kind of landform has very steep sides
That were cut by a river's erosion and time?

Going over this landform will make you shiver.
It occurs when there's a sharp drop off in a river.

You get to this landform when oceans run dry.
They're broad, flat spaces under the sky.

What kind of landform is tallest of all
With a spiky top where snow may fall?

What kind of landform always runs downhill
And can be used to turn turbines that power a mill?

Landforms like this are often times found
In the side of a mountain
or as a hole in the ground.

What kind of landform is a huge chunk of water
That takes up three-fourths of the Earth, and is salty?

This landform is found at the bottom of mountains
And very tall hills; it's the low land between them.

To get to this landform, a boat you may ride
Since water surrounds it on every side.

Triangle-shaped landforms like this often sit
Near the ocean where a river finally runs into it.

Which type of landform stretches into the tides;
Surrounded by water on three of its sides?

This large body of water is surrounded by land.
It's a great place to fish and swim, if you can.

When the wind and the rain wear a mountain away,
The mound that is left is this landform, they say.

Which type of landform is just one of seven?
It's a really big place split up into nations.

When you look at surface of Earth you'll agree
That landforms are interesting features to see
There are many more out there that you'll want to know
Like mesa and harbor, gulf and plateau,
Fault, fjord and an Archipelago

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