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Head Start for 1st Year Teachers

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Regular visitors to this site know that my wife, Cara, is a veteran 3rd and 4th grade teacher. As a seasoned pro, she’s often called upon to train both student teachers and other less experienced educators.

One of the early realizations that these newbies have is that teaching takes a ton of planning and it also requires access to a huge variety of resources so that the needs of individual students can be met.

One way that she can help educators who will never have the privilege of working directly under her supervision is to simply share her current resources via the Internet. is her personal website and it contains links to resources that she’s currently using in her classroom.  These change pretty often and they’re kept up-to-date.  They’re not stale and you’ll rarely find a broken link.

Organized and easy to scan, this site might be a good starting point for any lesson plans that need a little “something” to make them come alive.

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