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    "One World (Take Care of It)" lyrics

What do you call it when man and machine dig the earth?
(Coal, copper, iron)
Digging up too much land destroys trees and plants in the dirt.
(But useful minerals are under ground)
When the work gets done, restoring should be number one.
That's MINING, and it has to be done responsibly.

What do you call it when man and machine plant the earth?
(Mankind depends on growing plants)
Pesticides are chemicals that can make other things worse.
(But they help protect crops)
If we use all of the land, nothing left but dirt and sand!
Did you guess that we're talking about FARMING?

There is only one world.
Everybody's sharing it.
Everybody needs to care
About the water, land and air.

What do you call it when man and machine hurt the earth?
(Factories make things we need)
Deadly chemicals misused can really hurt.
(Acid rain and ozone depletion)
Spilling oil in the sea, black smoke from a factory
Can you tell that we're talking about POLLUTION?

What do you call it when we reuse what we buy?
(Garbage landfills are getting full)
Many things can be saved and re-used if we try.
(Like cans, bottles and paper)
If you don't, you need to start. Everyone can play their part.
RECYCLING is a good idea!

There is only one world, one world (repeat)

© 2005 Power Arts Company, Inc.

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