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Well-organized, quality K-12 printables

Wednesday, April/04/2010

While not a flashy looker on the outside, sports beautiful, quality printables that are exceptionally well-organized and easily sortable.  They’re also free and numerous.

Reading, math, social studies, science, writing, games, holidays and arts and crafts are all represented. One of the nice features of the site is that all of these materials can be presorted first by grade level and then by topic within that level.  That will save you a ton of time since you won’t have to scroll though every document on the site to find what you want.

Another neat feature is the fish-eye preview of each document.  Every printable has a thumbnail picture that can be magnified by hovering your mouse over the image.  This makes it very quick and simple to determine if you’ve found what you’re looking for or not.  No more  “download surprises.”

This site is huge.  I’m just mentioning the worksheets here because I think they’re very good and super easy to peruse.  If you have a little extra time to explore, you might want to check out their activities section, which has the same presorting  feature that the worksheets enjoy.  (Sorry, no fish-eye enlarger).

This site is a winner.  Take me to to see some great worksheets.

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Language Arts Worksheets

Thursday, March/03/2010

Busy Teacher's Cafe screenshot

Busy Teacher’s Cafe offers a free collection of themes, strategies and printables for reading, writing, language arts and math.

I was most impressed with the reading and writing resources.  For some reason these subjects don’t normally translate to worksheets very well, but Busy Teacher’s Cafe has done a fine job of creating and collecting really useful goods.

Since the site serves K-6, it’s also a good place to go if you have kids who are younger,  on IEPs or who have fallen behind for any reason.

It’s not quite as polished as Super Teacher Worksheets, but there is so much good stuff on the site that it’s definitely worth checking out.

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Worksheet Gold Mine!

Thursday, March/03/2010

Super Teacher Worksheets
Super Teacher Worksheets is one of the most complete, high quality collections of well thought-out worksheets that I’ve come across in a long time.  If that wasn’t enough, they’re also free!

Math, reading, writing, grammar, phonics, spelling, science and social studies worksheets are well organized, which means you won’t be wasting time trying to find what you want.  Each also comes with its own answer key.

Since there are numerous variations for each subject,  it should be easy to find the perfect way to present material to your students.

Here is a sample worksheet for counting coins. Clearly, these worksheets aren’t just thrown together. There is a lot of meat on these bones.

You simply must go check this out.  Now!

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Animal Classification

Wednesday, January/01/2010


Little known fact: the second most sought after song available on this website is “Animals Belong in Class,” by Teacher and the Rockbots.

This song helps listeners differentiate between mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods by calling out descriptive clues about each class and then asking listeners to deduce the correct class.

“Animals Belong In Class” song sample

Like most music on this site, it comes with printable flash cards, worksheets, Cloze reading and vocabulary studies, wiki links and a lesson plan.

You can check it out more closely by visiting the  Animal Classification web page and you can download or buy the CD by clicking here.


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A Spelling Site You Should Check Out

Wednesday, November/11/2008

Every now and then I come across a website that is really worth your time.  One of those sites is

SpellingCity is free to use and in a nutshell, you can type in your spelling list and the site will:

  1. automatically produce 8 different spelling games utilizing your list
  2. automatically produce 2 or 3 different kinds of interactive, online quizzes
  3. display your vocabulary words in sentences
  4. audibly pronounce the words for you
  5. offer a variety of printable worksheets involving the spelling words you’ve entered
  6. provide other useful functions that you can check out while you’re on the site

Did I mention that it’s free? Additionally, if you create a user account (also free) you can save your lists for future use.  This can be handy if you want to sit down once for an hour or so and prepare all of the vocabulary quizzes you’ll need all year in one sitting.

Once you’ve set it up, just have students pull up the appropriate list and get to work!

Click the link below to see for yourself.

Take me to to check out a truly useful website

P.S. The site has a vocabulary of 38,000 words.  As a smarty pants, I typed in “discombobulation” and the site correctly pronounced the word and correctly used it in a sentence.  I was blown away.

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