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Finally, Teachers Are Being Heard

Sunday, October/10/2008

It’s nice to hear a candidate admit that a plan that they are partially responsible for is failing and needs an overhaul.  It’s equally pleasing to hear that the focus this time around will be placed where it should have been all along.

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Why It’s Important To Vote

Tuesday, October/10/2008

This video is a very clear synopsis of how our political system actually works, minus the spin that you usually get when political parties try to explain it.

This awkward arrangement is the reason why there are so many political ads running in contested states. It’s also the reason why voting districts are so incredibly distorted (see gerrymandering).

Even so, this is the system that will decide our future.  Don’t let down all of the other like-minded people in your state by being lazy or complacent; in a winner-take-all event like this, your vote matters.


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