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High Quality Common Core Resources for Free!

Tuesday, December/12/2014


English Worksheets Land

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find, let alone recommend any high quality teaching resources.

I’m happy to share English Worksheets Land, a website that offers 1000s of Kindergarten – Fifth Grade printable worksheets directly aligned to the English Language Arts Common Core Standards.

Worksheets are easily sort-able by grade level and topic and are labelled with which common core standard the worksheets align. They’re also nicely done with relevant artwork to increase the curb appeal.

Take a trip over to English Worksheets Land to see what they’ve got to offer before you make your next K-5 Language Arts plans. You’ll like what you find there.

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Head Start for 1st Year Teachers

Monday, October/10/2011

Take me to

Regular visitors to this site know that my wife, Cara, is a veteran 3rd and 4th grade teacher. As a seasoned pro, she’s often called upon to train both student teachers and other less experienced educators.

One of the early realizations that these newbies have is that teaching takes a ton of planning and it also requires access to a huge variety of resources so that the needs of individual students can be met.

One way that she can help educators who will never have the privilege of working directly under her supervision is to simply share her current resources via the Internet. is her personal website and it contains links to resources that she’s currently using in her classroom.  These change pretty often and they’re kept up-to-date.  They’re not stale and you’ll rarely find a broken link.

Organized and easy to scan, this site might be a good starting point for any lesson plans that need a little “something” to make them come alive.

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Self Correcting Math Quizzes

Tuesday, April/04/2011 offers free, self correcting math quizzes

Despite its name, is an interactive mathematics website that offers free, self correcting quizzes for students studying multiplication, division, addition or subtraction.

Instant grade feedback and ease of use are the primary reasons to utilize this site, but other features like a test timer and  on-demand printing  are also handy (if you need a hard copy of a student’s success or lack of it).

For a purely traditional application, quizzes can be printed in advance although I personally don’t see the need to waste paper for such exercises.

Easy to navigate, free to use and fairly complete, is a site worth bookmarking for all basic mathematics skills training.


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World Geography Gets a Twist (Giveaway ended 9/8/2010)

Thursday, August/08/2010

South up projection world map

(Click here for a larger view)

Several months ago I mentioned a world map that features a thought-provoking and truly interesting projection.  South is at the top.

Every time I look at this particular projection I become more impressed with its ability to challenge my thinking and to arouse curiosity about my neighbors on planet Earth.

Now for something special:

I have been able to secure 12 of these full-size (24″ x 36″) maps from the terrific folks at ODT Maps and will give them away free to the first 12 teachers who send me an e-mail with their name and a mailing address that I can ship to. (Use the “Contact” button above or the comment form below to send the information.  I’ll hide your name from public view like the others below.)

All I ask in return is that some day you’ll send me a follow-up email to let me know if your class enjoyed the map and any other comments you may have about this thought-provoking resource.

That’s it.  I feel strongly that resources like this are under-used and that teachable moments are lost in their absence.  If you’re one of those teachers who constantly pushes for higher achievement, then be sure to step up and let me know that you want your classroom to be one of the beneficiaries of this one-time, free offer.

Update: The last map has finally been given away.  Thanks to everyone who responded.

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Well-organized, quality K-12 printables

Wednesday, April/04/2010

While not a flashy looker on the outside, sports beautiful, quality printables that are exceptionally well-organized and easily sortable.  They’re also free and numerous.

Reading, math, social studies, science, writing, games, holidays and arts and crafts are all represented. One of the nice features of the site is that all of these materials can be presorted first by grade level and then by topic within that level.  That will save you a ton of time since you won’t have to scroll though every document on the site to find what you want.

Another neat feature is the fish-eye preview of each document.  Every printable has a thumbnail picture that can be magnified by hovering your mouse over the image.  This makes it very quick and simple to determine if you’ve found what you’re looking for or not.  No more  “download surprises.”

This site is huge.  I’m just mentioning the worksheets here because I think they’re very good and super easy to peruse.  If you have a little extra time to explore, you might want to check out their activities section, which has the same presorting  feature that the worksheets enjoy.  (Sorry, no fish-eye enlarger).

This site is a winner.  Take me to to see some great worksheets.

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