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Another 3rd Grade Blog to Check Out

Thursday, April/04/2009

Mrs. Thorp Screenshot

If you haven’t stumbled upon Mrs. Thorp’s Third Grade Blog yet,  then take a minute to enjoy the resources that this 16 year veteran teacher has so diligently collected, organized and selflessly offered to anyone who’d care to use them.

Mrs. Thorp’s Third Grade Blog has one of the best “how to” collections for 3rd grade teachers to employ.  These are specific, well thought out tasks and techniques that can help overcome an impressive range of classroom instructional hurdles.

Having trouble teaching reading? Multiplication not sinking in? Kids don’t want to write? Science needs a little zing?  Visit Mrs. Thorp for a little help.

Additionally, she evaluates and recommends an occasional website when it’s clear that the site provides extraordinary value.  No time-wasting link farm referrals  here.

As good as Mrs. Thorp’s Third Grade Blog already is, I suspect that it will only get better over time since the collection will surely continue to grow.

Take me to Mrs. Thorp’s Third Grade Blog

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